Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Caleb's awesome glasses--a gift from Dr. R. Favorite random comment from a guy on the street: "Dude, you look like a mix between Harry Potter and Tom Cruise!" Priceless.

The glorified trash bags you have to wear to go on a boat ride to the Falls didn't like Caleb. It simultaneously tried to suffocate and devour him, until after a long struggle with the intensity of that between Beowulf and Grendel, he emerged the victor:

Us with Niagara Falls and Buffalo, NY to our backs. I was thrilled to actually gaze across at New York--it was the closest I've ever felt to NYC!

On the waterfront in downtown Toronto.

One of my favorite pictures from the trip. Old reflected in the new.

Loved that the word "ideas" came out right next to my head. Caleb "set that up". ;)

A lighthouse on the island a ferry ride from downtown TO. And of course, a little experimentation with color accent...

We got to meet Thucydides! It was quite an honor. After enjoying his work "History of the Peloponnesian War" in school last year, it was nice to finally put a face with the name.

The following is "art" from the Royal Ontario Museum that we visited. Yes, there's a guy who gets paid to doodle cartoons on the wall of an art gallery. Who knew.

Summer Outside

The following are a few pictures from around the farm this summer. Hopefully more to come...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guest Post

Guest post by Elizabeth Politano, who was recently subjected to the somewhat unpredictable goings-on at Stonewall Farm:

One hot summer day at stone wall farm, Kathryn rushed to finish the skirt she was making. She had hoped to wear it that night to the new harmony theater where she was going to see "aint misbehavin'" after eating pizza which had been tossed theatrically into the air for the entertainment of waiting costumers.
As Kathryn worked on her lovely skirt she listened to the sound of her little brother playing with his toy monkey. "OOH AHH!" he exclaimed as he tossed it around the sewing nook.
Unfortunately, the time drew close and Kathryn's skirt had to be left unfinished.
So Kathryn decided to go with one of her favorite Audrey Hepburn looks.

We enjoyed the jazz musical very much and returned to the house to find that chickens had to be moved from freezer to freezer as something had happened with the electricity.
"Interesting," was all Caleb remarked when he heard the news.

It didn't take too long to load and unload chickeds as we had a handy-dandy wagon. And so, we ended the day, ready for rest.
We were awoken at the crack of 7 by the sound of a voice announcing that the pigs were out, and so the Cannon family started another day full of adventure!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Machen's Many Faces

There is no purpose to this post except to show you the many sides of Machen. He keeps us laughing. Even Jon and Lauren occasionally remark that they can't imagine life without him. We're ever thankful that God gave us this little distraction--He always anchors us in what is truly eternal.

Machen and Rosie playing dressup.
Watching the landscape. Machen spends a lot of time in that car seat.

Machen and Lauren playing dressup.
SO proud of his own shopping cart. He's actually posing for this picture--it took him a minute to get his feet crossed just right.
I'd like to say this is a pose, but I'm afraid his belly naturally does that.
"Nobody bakes anything until I get my breakfast!"
Another pose... he's pulling his own foot up to his face. Of course we could all do that if we wanted to, we just don't want to. Kathryn put him up to this...
and this.

All Grown Up...

It seems Caleb's birthday always rolls around at the perfect time, just as winter is ending. We're always glad to have a party. These past 18 years have been a profound blessing for Mom and Dad during our journey through parenthood. God has been so very good. It's hard to imagine this grown man as a babe in arms, but he really once was. He is much loved by us all.

We had everything a party needs. Food...

and what else but WORK?! Here is the final event of the evening, building a brooder house.

Winter Lambs

This winter our ewe had triplets. We ended up losing one lamb and the ewe, which was very hard on all of us, especially shepherd Jon. So through this winter we have been raising two lambs, which kept us pretty busy. Here they are one day old.
Sweet little tiny things...

...except that they grow up, and these two actually think they're dogs or something. They hang out with us in the greenhouse, and in the flower beds...
...and the porch. Our (real) dogs are not sure what's going on but have been forced to give up their place on the front door mat. It wouldn't be so bad except the (fake) lamb dogs have no clue about being house broke, which should include the front porch.
Machen gets a kick out of them.