Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Machen's Many Faces

There is no purpose to this post except to show you the many sides of Machen. He keeps us laughing. Even Jon and Lauren occasionally remark that they can't imagine life without him. We're ever thankful that God gave us this little distraction--He always anchors us in what is truly eternal.

Machen and Rosie playing dressup.
Watching the landscape. Machen spends a lot of time in that car seat.

Machen and Lauren playing dressup.
SO proud of his own shopping cart. He's actually posing for this picture--it took him a minute to get his feet crossed just right.
I'd like to say this is a pose, but I'm afraid his belly naturally does that.
"Nobody bakes anything until I get my breakfast!"
Another pose... he's pulling his own foot up to his face. Of course we could all do that if we wanted to, we just don't want to. Kathryn put him up to this...
and this.

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  1. Thanks for the updates. We enjoy seeing what y'all are up to.