Saturday, January 23, 2010

Around the Farm, December 2009

These pictures are just of miscellaneous things we do around the farm. Below is Caleb, helping his dad out with the trusses for the pole barn. Caleb and Keith have an unusual relationship in that Keith is always getting Caleb to do things that scare both of them half to death. Here Keith is balancing Caleb in the extended bucket of the tractor while Caleb balances the truss.
This is the sight that greets us every morning when we open the door.Machen tosses some apples to the pigs.
Molly's always ready for a rub. This is at the close of one our Sunday night evenings. Miss those days when we could be outside!
Machen loves his big sister.
Kathryn and Machen are planting a tulip patch for the spring. We won these tulips down in Tennessee at the Reformation Weekend. Machen keeps an eye on the sheep.
Caleb's dog, Molly.
This pig was the featured guest at a wedding reception/barbeque this month.
The last of Caleb's summer litter.
Joking around at the pole barn.
Rosie and Machen enjoying the fresh air in the wagon.
Back from turkey hunting...

Miss Kathryn hosts a recital...

This is obviously old news, but last fall Kathryn hosted a recital for her young violin students. It was held at Covenant Reformed OPC. Each child played his or her polished piece, and Kathryn or a parent accompanied. In this picture they are taking their final bow.
A reception followed downstairs in the basement.

Jonathan and Caleb, Kathryn's roadies. Aunt Sarah and Kathryn ended the recital with Ave Maria.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"How're you gonna git that outta here?"

That was the question of the month in December. And it did require some consideration and a couple pair of trimmers. The answer--one limb at a time...
It took some team work getting the limbs cut and out the front door. By the time we trimmed practically all the limbs off, the trunk was almost easy to remove. The last of Christmas!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Big Hike

In the last few days of fall break (2009), Keith wanted to take the boys hiking on the Appalachian Trail. I don't know all the details of exactly where they were on the trail or everything they did, but here are a few pictures. In the picture below they are sightseeing. At least that's what Keith tells the boys, but secretly he's getting ideas for the house he wants to live in during our golden years.
This is their first day. Keith called me from the trail head to tell me which one it was in case they didn't come back. They were headed to a fire station he'd read about that was seven miles up the trail.

Almost there...
All that work for this view...
Judging from the fact that they hiked about 14 miles round trip,
this was probably taken right before they hit the trail.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

That Christmas Picture!

The rules: get in front of the tree pronto with either a black or red shirt, sweater, etc. So far, three out of five are ready. ("Jonathan, hurry up, and No! You can't wear your black coat!")

Ahh, now four out of five are here. ("JONathan!")

Great--five for five. ("JONATHAN! You can't wear that orange shirt underneath! It sticks out of your collar!" "We're losing Machen!" "Pleeaase, can we get on with this!")

Uncle Jay to the rescue...

A Cup of Christmas Tea

Every year Aunt Miriam has Kathryn and Lauren over for Christmas tea. It's a time we've come to count on, knowing that we'll spend this evening together in December no matter how busy the holidays get. (I get to attend because I'm the driver.) The tradition started when Kathryn attended the Nutcracker each year as her Christmas present from her parents. Before the performance Aunt Miriam would have us over. We don't usually go to the Nutcracker now, and Lauren has grown old enough to join us. It's a wonderful evening.

Aunt Miriam makes so many things, it's hard to choose. So we don't--we sample it all! Miriam also has a Christmas card and tin ready to pack up and mail to Granola. She was with us for tea one Christmas and now we really miss her when she's not.
Thank you Aunt Miriam, for a great Christmas evening.

Christmas Celebration

We were up early Christmas morning to exchange gifts. Machen is thanking Caleb for his present to him.

During the day we hung out with family and friends, here playing Worst Case Scenario.

Christmas evening the Rogers family came by. Here is Scott and his daughter Rebekah, and her husband Nick. (See my Christmas present from Kathryn and Caleb? Kathryn painted the kitchen and breakfast nook!)
Got a nice one of Travis and Rachael!

Machen loves the horse from Grammy and PawPaw. (Again the painted walls present--so nice!)

Lauren and Uncle Joe

The day after Christmas Uncle Joe found the gift he had for Machen, who loved opening another one--a wooden car.
Thank you, Uncle Joe.