Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Cup of Christmas Tea

Every year Aunt Miriam has Kathryn and Lauren over for Christmas tea. It's a time we've come to count on, knowing that we'll spend this evening together in December no matter how busy the holidays get. (I get to attend because I'm the driver.) The tradition started when Kathryn attended the Nutcracker each year as her Christmas present from her parents. Before the performance Aunt Miriam would have us over. We don't usually go to the Nutcracker now, and Lauren has grown old enough to join us. It's a wonderful evening.

Aunt Miriam makes so many things, it's hard to choose. So we don't--we sample it all! Miriam also has a Christmas card and tin ready to pack up and mail to Granola. She was with us for tea one Christmas and now we really miss her when she's not.
Thank you Aunt Miriam, for a great Christmas evening.

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