Saturday, January 23, 2010

Around the Farm, December 2009

These pictures are just of miscellaneous things we do around the farm. Below is Caleb, helping his dad out with the trusses for the pole barn. Caleb and Keith have an unusual relationship in that Keith is always getting Caleb to do things that scare both of them half to death. Here Keith is balancing Caleb in the extended bucket of the tractor while Caleb balances the truss.
This is the sight that greets us every morning when we open the door.Machen tosses some apples to the pigs.
Molly's always ready for a rub. This is at the close of one our Sunday night evenings. Miss those days when we could be outside!
Machen loves his big sister.
Kathryn and Machen are planting a tulip patch for the spring. We won these tulips down in Tennessee at the Reformation Weekend. Machen keeps an eye on the sheep.
Caleb's dog, Molly.
This pig was the featured guest at a wedding reception/barbeque this month.
The last of Caleb's summer litter.
Joking around at the pole barn.
Rosie and Machen enjoying the fresh air in the wagon.
Back from turkey hunting...

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