Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guest Post

Guest post by Elizabeth Politano, who was recently subjected to the somewhat unpredictable goings-on at Stonewall Farm:

One hot summer day at stone wall farm, Kathryn rushed to finish the skirt she was making. She had hoped to wear it that night to the new harmony theater where she was going to see "aint misbehavin'" after eating pizza which had been tossed theatrically into the air for the entertainment of waiting costumers.
As Kathryn worked on her lovely skirt she listened to the sound of her little brother playing with his toy monkey. "OOH AHH!" he exclaimed as he tossed it around the sewing nook.
Unfortunately, the time drew close and Kathryn's skirt had to be left unfinished.
So Kathryn decided to go with one of her favorite Audrey Hepburn looks.

We enjoyed the jazz musical very much and returned to the house to find that chickens had to be moved from freezer to freezer as something had happened with the electricity.
"Interesting," was all Caleb remarked when he heard the news.

It didn't take too long to load and unload chickeds as we had a handy-dandy wagon. And so, we ended the day, ready for rest.
We were awoken at the crack of 7 by the sound of a voice announcing that the pigs were out, and so the Cannon family started another day full of adventure!

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